Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheese, Car Show and Tech Session

Today, Dad and I registered for the event at the hotel theater building, and we both got a bag and a T-Shirt. We got breakfast, it was pretty good, I got full before I ate 50% of it, it was good, I just don't know why my stomach decided not to let me eat the rest. I didn't know what went on after wards, we were just on the road, but then I heard something like "*Blah* *Blah* *Blah* Cheese Factory, son." When we got there, I was excited, because I saw a kid with ice cream. Dad walked somewhere, I followed him, like usual. I got more interested when I heard we would hear the history of the factory, because I like history, a lot. I also liked that we were at Hennings Cheese Factory. After wards, I got "Superman" Ice Cream. Dad had to "help me" throw it away after eating the top part, though, because it was melting like there was no tomorrow.
I also saw a 2000 pound cheese wheel, Dad reminded me it was about 4 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter.
We calculated that it had 51.44 cubic feet of cheese.
- Peter Bastedo

Well that's nice, Peter finally posting here.
I have uploaded today's pictures here, Peter took many of them and did not know the camera was set to take rapid fire multiple exposures while holding the shutter button - so you may find several pics that seem to be duplicates - they are not but they may only be a fraction of a second different from each other:

We bought a tasty peppercorn cheddar and some extra sharp cheddar, which we will eat later.
The ice cream was rapidly becoming a huge mess, blue goo running down his arms.
We had to find a bathroom to get it washed off, then we were late for the group leaving to go to the Marsh - the park where the car show was to be held.
Instead we went back to the hotel and put the cheese in the mini fridge.
Then we went to the Marsh.

The car show was fun, some people clearly and rightfully being very proud of their cars.
Some of us, like usual, not taking things very seriously.
There was one other Midget with a Bugeye front end, a very nice car too.
We had a good time, then at the end we all lined up for a group picture.

After we got back to the hotel we had about an hour to spend before the Tech Session, I spent it in the pool
while Peter spent the time in the AC of our room.

Our Tech Session was put on by Jeff Schlemmer of Advanced Distributors.
Jeff is a great guy and very knowledgeable about distributoors.
It seems like the Q&A period was longer than Jeff's presentation, which is most likely an indicator of the interest in distributors shared by the assembled group.

Tomorrow: Track Day!

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