Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 2 - traveling in the heat

We made it to Gillette Wyoming tonight.
We started out at 7AM and had a lot of stops today.
Fuel economy ranges from a good of 38 MPG while driving about 55 mph over a 265 mile stretch to a bad of about 25 MPG while driving up and down hills considerably faster.

It's definitely more economical to driver slower.

Peter and I saw quite a few Antelope this evening driving through Wyoming.
This is a beautiful state, and Peter thinks he found the inspiration for Sierra's (computer game maker of old) logo - the pyramidal shapes of the hills we passed along I-90.

It was a very long day, I am going to bed but I thought I'd post something here first and upload todays pictures to Picasa. Oh yes, and the fuzzy spots on pictures out the front windshield - yes those are bugs.

Peter took some sunset pictures so take a look probably near the end.

PS - maybe not totally obvious to everyone - read the signs on the pictures - the road signs.

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