Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Missoula then on to home 7/24 - 7/25

After driving nearly 640 miles from Devil's Tower to Missoula we were tuckered out and just about couldn't function at all. I coined a new term which is being "Road Dumb".
This is how you feel after being on the road so long that you can no longer do simple math in your head or form coherent sentences. Wisely I deferred posting to this blog anything other than - "Homer tired now, must sleep" sort of thing.

Entering Montana

We got behind some very slow moving trucks on our way up the Great Divide then we saw the sign so we pulled off to get a picture and check the oil in the car - good thing it was low.

The sign reads like this:

We crossed the Great Divide then coasted down the other side which was really good for the engine temperature!
This was beautiful mountainous country and the lower temperature on the west side was welcome to me.
We entered Idaho

From here we started getting excited about the thought of getting home 'today' so we pressed on, eating the remains of our snacks and the reserve of our drinking water instead of stopping for meals.
Peter was finishing the book he brought for the trip, "Sent" by Margaret Peterson Haddix:
(note Peter's "Road Hair")
Getting closer - Moses Lake:
Roslyn, Snoqualmie Pass, Tinkham then...

At Last!!

See the pictures of the final two days here:
and here:

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