Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally made it to Elkhart Lake!!

We crossed the Mississippi and entered into Wisconsin, which displays on their sign that they are indeed "open for business".
Peter at the Welcome sign

We pulled into town at about 9:30 pm and registered at our hotel - the Victorian Villiage.
Here is a link, it is a nice place, pictures (our own) to follow tomorrow.

We went off (after dumping stuff in the room) to find food after 10PM.
The Lake Street Cafe was about the only place open that was not a 'sports bar' so we went in.
We met several of the people we only knew by name before including David Lieb and Peter Caldwell and a few others. It was really fun for me, and Peter got dinner and house root beer on tap so not too bad for him as well.

Today started out with several guys bent over my radiator trying to figure out if I had a leaky hose or a leaky radiator. We replaced the hose and still had a leak so BillM produced some good old 'bars leak' and sprinkled some into the radiator. After a couple hudred miles it seemed to have worked!

Mike's Bugeye was still acting up, it had to be towed in about the last 50 miles.
They are all staying at a different place so Peter and I are alone at the fancy hotel (with a couple hundred other Midget guys).

Ok - so 6:30 AM to 9:30 PM was a lot longer of a day than I had anticipated and I'm going to ht the hay now.
Please look over yesterday's and today's pictures on Picasa and well there - that's just about it for now.

Oh yeah, I will have to look up an official number tomorrow but I know Peter and I logged over 2100 miles on the car to get here. Whether we get the prize for the longest journey or not, we went through more states and traveled more miles and we know it no matter if it's recognized or not.

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  1. Dear Frogeye, glad you made it. We, too, had problems along the way but we made it. I guess they call it "character building"! Looking forward to meeting you at the Party!
    Jack and Kathy Orkin aka 1974MGMidget