Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going home, Mt Rushmore and Devil's Tower July 23

The second day of our trip home started out with a great breakfast cooked up by our friend Nancy, Kurt and Nancy very graciously hosted us all another night and fed us pizza and cooked up a very tasty breakfast for us in the morning. 
After checking fluids in the cars and sayiing our good by to our friends and their farm we were off heading for our next night's stay in Wyoming.
First however, we were planning a couple of side trips to do a little sight seeing.
Mike and Wally and Yvonne wanted to drive through the Badlands and then visit Wall Drugs.
Bill and Peter and I opted for the trip to Mt Rushmore and then camping at the KOA at Devils Tower in Wyoming.
The drive up to Mt Rushmore is steep, it's important that your Midget be running well and not prone to over heating on this trip. 
The road is scenic and the little town of Keystone is amusingly brilliant with all the store fronts. These guys have taken 'tourist trap' and made it into an art form.

We saw President Washington first on the drive up, nearing the memorial.

Then we got to the entrance, the National Park Service is currently charging $11.00 per car to enter and park. We paid the fare and found a good spot to park. The fee covers entry and re-entry for a day so you can leave, eat something and do some shopping in Keystone if you like and then return later to see the fireworks if that's what you choose. We had only a couple hours to spare in our itinerary, so we knew this would be short.
We walked up to the viewing area and Peter and I were both struck with the enormity of the place.
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln

Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln and Peter

And thanks to the remote control on my DSLR:

Next we were off to Devil's Tower in Sundance, Wyoming. Yes - also of "The Sundance Kid" fame.
This is the location for the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". See all about it in my next post. 

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