Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Going Home -7/23 camping near Devil's Tower National Monument

Today we visited Mt Rushmore and then we drove on to Sundance, Wyoming.
This is Devils Tower National Monument

We camped at the KOA here, where every night during the summer they play the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" which was filmed here. The Tower looms off to your left as you are watching the movie and as it gets darker outside you glance off to the left to see the silhouette of the tall spire as you are watching Richard Dreyfus build a monument-al mess of a Tower in his kitchen and then finally see on the tv news the Tower itself and looking at the perfect replica he has made in his home of the thing the light finally switches on for him and his journey begins.
Peter would look at me and then look up at the Tower with the faux look of shock and amazement and point at it several times during the night - it was a great joke between the two of us.

Here we are with the car, Tower in the background:
(see we have Devil's Tower shirts?)

The camping was in a good spot, the night was clear and from this spot with the almost complete lack of light pollution and the high clean air we had a spectacular view of the night sky.
During the outside showing of the movie we saw several satellites pass by above then a very bright pass of the International Space Station. It was ironic given the nature of the movie to see these space craft passing by, another small bit of humor shared by father and son.

Waking up early I had a chance to take a few more pictures of the place before everything got busy.

I'd highly recommend camping here to anyone who likes this kind of thing, the grounds are very clean they have a swimming pool, a restaurant and a very nice gift store with a stuffed Kodiak bear and many interesting things to buy. I bought a couple T-Shirts.

It wasn't long before we had to pack up and start driving again, I took a "few" more pictures before it was time to leave and drive to Missoula - a mere 639 miles away...
Bill's Orange Crate, Frogeye Midget at Devil's Tower

Peter and the car and Devil's Tower:

Next - On to Missoula Montana!

More Devil's Tower pictures here:

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