Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last day, full day.

Today was our last day, and it was a very full day.
We started the day with breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage and potatoes.
Juice and coffee and chocolate milk rounded it off.

Then it was off on another tour, dozens of spridgets lined up driving around the countryside.
We saw the beautiful Kettle Moraine and it saw loads of Midgets and Sprites.

After a quick rest in our air conditioned hotel room and a few snacks Peter and I went back to the pool.
We spent entirely too much time there again, then went out for the "Drag Races".
This is an event where you strap a tow rope around your torso and pull a Spridget across a parking lot.
I did it, Peter did it too.
Several others did this, then Dave Lieb came out barefoot and made it in a very respectable 7.0 seconds.
My first time was 8.5 seconds so I too kicked off my sandals and tried again.
Though I couldn't beat Lieb's time I did reduce my time to 7.3 seconds.
Of course, Ron Soave took first place with a 5.9 second run.

Next Peter and I started really thinking about starting to get ready to pack up for departure on Friday morning. We did a bit of organizing of our trunk (boot) and checked the car's fluids.
Then we took the laundry off to be washed and got that started.
Next we were back at Victorian Village for the Banquet.
Also the silent auction.
There were some very nice things available, a couple things that caught my eye were a radiator that will fit my car and a period accessory - a fender mirror / radio antennae.
I bid modestly on these and actually won them!
Great - more stuff to haul across America!

Dinner was good, and then the special tributes to Paul Asgeirsson and Frank Clarici III were given.
Both of these men were giants in our community, they embodied what it was to be a Spridget owner.
Whether it's "Pay it forward" or "It only goes one way" Paul and Frank will be remembered.

Our speaker was Burt Levy, author and race historian. He was funny and captivating and had great stories of his life and his racing days at Road America.
After awards and auction payments and everything was over I got out just in time to go to the laundry and get our dry clothes before the place locked up.

Now we are all packed up here in the room and ready to take the stuff down to the car in the morning.
Starting another epic journey of discovery, Peter and myself in the Green Frogeye Midget.

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